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  1. Download the game here.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Open the folder
  4. Double-click on "Oniria Crimes.exe"
  5. A Windows security alert will appear. This is because the game is not signed yet. It's normal in beta testing.

  6. Choose you graphic quality. If you don't know what is, just press play :)
  7. Enjoy! And...
  8. Please fill out this form after playing.
  9. If you want to participate in the raffle of a shirt of your favorite character, make a screenshot of your score and share it on Twitter mentioning @OniriaCrimes.

*** GAME INFO ***

Oniria Crimes is an investigation game that takes place in Oniria, the Land of Dreams. Help Detective Santos and Inspector Torres investigate crime scenes as part of the Rounders, a secret society that pursues crime in dreams.

Oniria Crimes is combination of visual-novel-like story with point&click mechanics similar to graphic adventures, where the objects will help you to figure out what happened in the crime scene.

In Oniria Crimes each object has its own personality and feelings, and a story to tell about the victim, the suspects or the world. So take your time to find them all and enjoy discovering their points of view about the dream life.


  • 6 crime scenes to investigate with 2 amazing intermezzi.
  • Noir atmosphere and hard-boiled dialogues.
  • 3D and text puzzles.
  • Voxel art visuals.
  • Progressive original soundtrack.
  • Hundreds of oniric objects and dozens of characters.
  • 8-12 hours of gameplay to get the highest score.

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